5 Reasons Why Sex Plays an Important Part in Our Daily Life


 5 Reasons Why Sex Plays an Important Part in                  Our Daily Life       Our Daily Life         http://bedroomgems.com” ][/button] Sex; THE activity that both men and women enjoy and can’t deny that they don’t. Because science proves that while doing sexual stimulation to yourself or to your ...

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Night Dreams 2

Night Dreams… as I drift off to sleep I’m remembering when you came home late from the office.  I had on my purple lace night gown waiting for you.  I heard the garage door open,  I had a decision to make; do I stand here to greet you at the door or do go wait for you in bed.  If ...

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Night Dreams

Night Dreams as I drift off to sleep… I’m on my side,  he’s spooning me, I’m in his arms. I feel his breath on my neck I hear a whisper in my ear  “hey sexy” I know what those words mean, I’m pretending not hear.  I know what’s coming next but gonna make him work… just a little His breath ...

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The Downside of Not Having Sex


The Downside of Not Having Sex Adam and Eve were fortunate if they never had to go through dry seasons of not having sex. It seems that ever since they figured out that their private parts fit together like pieces of a puzzle, they began this endless enjoyment of humankind – and that’s having sex. Books and songs about this ...

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Health Benefits of Sex


     Health Benefits of Sex         It ends up that those who revel in sex and engage in it often, and those who could take it or leave it, along with those who only periodically engage in it – sex comes with more than just pleasure, sharing of love, communication and potential procreation. Sex also provides health benefits, and ...

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How can men improve Their Sex Life? Part 2


How can men improve Their Sex Life? Part 2 At any rate, there are a few toys worth considering for experimentation. One of them will help you with stimulating her hot spot, also known as her clitoris. The Trickle Clit Flicker (Vibrating) is a perfect example of a tool that has endurance built in, along with versatility of movement. These ...

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